Are You Ready to Plan the Book 

of Your Dreams?

An 8-Week Programme of 

One-To-One Coaching for 

Gaining Clarity, Focus & Motivation

Hello Fellow Writer—

I know what it feels like to want to write a book. You're excited and want to start but, you don’t have a plan yet. 

Maybe you hate the idea of planning because you think it’s boring and overwhelming

Perhaps you don’t think you even need one

Or you might think planning will distract you from writing or constrain your creativity. 

Maybe you love planning but you’ve become stuck in the process and have used it to start procrastinating with your writing.

You might have started to write but without a clear plan, you’ve become lost and directionless with your writing.

As a writer and book coach, I frequently see this.  I understand, you just want to write!  

But, if you're like many aspiring writers, the idea of planning and writing a book feels too daunting

But You Can't Write Your Amazing Book Without a Plan

Perhaps you:

  • Struggle with planning because it's frustrating and overwhelming 

  • Aren't sure what a project plan for your book should include

  • Only have a vague idea for your book and aren't sure it’s viable

  • Feel unclear about what your book should include or exclude

  • Don’t know how to best structure your book

  • Uncertain about who your ideal readers are and what they need

  • Aren’t sure how to market or promote your book

  • Have several ideas swimming around in your head but can't decide what to focus on

But what if instead, things were different

What if planning your book was a creative and exciting experience that gave you the motivation and evidence to prove you're capable of writing a book your readers will want to read?

What if you had a clear vision of not only what your book was about, but how you were going to write, edit, promote and publish it? 

What if instead of feeling lost in the writing process you have an easy-to-follow roadmap that made the writing process easier and you can find flow in your writing practice? 

What if you could validate your book idea with your audience before you started to write?

What if you kept motivated with your writing because your book served your personal needs as a writer and the needs of your readers?

What if you fully commit to writing your book and finished what you started?

    What if you transformed into the writer you want to be?

    I can help you turn those 'what ifs' into reality in just 8 weeks

    During my 8-week programme, we will develop a comprehensive project plan for your book.  I use a combination of weekly coaching sessions with guided creative exercises to walk you through the process step-by-step along with regular support and feedback. By the end of this programme, you will have a clear plan for writing your book. During my programme, you will:

    Week One:


      By gaining empathy for yourself as a writer you'll be able to form a clear vision of what you want from your book and your career as a writer. This includes defining your needs and purpose. It’s difficult to know what to write if you don’t know where you’re headed. I’ll give you the space and structure to visualise your big vision for yourself and your book, no holds barred. Here you’re encouraged to think big so I can help you step into that vision and keep you motivated.

      Week Two:


        I’ll show you how to identify who your ideal readers are and how you can find alignment between your needs and their needs. By gaining a deeper understanding of your readers you’ll be able to write for yourself and serve your readers at the same time. You’ll be conducting audience research into your ideal readers’ tastes, behaviours and needs. We will use creative exercises to create a shared vision for your book that will serve to guide you as you write.

        Week Three:


          Your ideal readers can't find your book if it isn't where they expect to find it. You’ll gain a deep understanding of the market for your genre. This includes conducting similar title research to establish how your book will be positioned in the market. This information will help you shape the content of your book and establish your unique selling point. You will clarify your book idea in detail including creating a title, subtitle, and blurb. 

          Week Four:


            Using my expertise in ideation facilitation, you will generate ideas for outlining the content of your book and its structure so you have a clear roadmap to follow as you write your book. Pansters don’t fret! This outline can be loose and flexible to maximise your creative preferences.  This roadmap will also include your writing milestones and targets and your wider strategies for marketing and publishing your book. 

            Week Five:


              You’ll use storyboarding to map out your chapters and identify any elements that require further research. You will also create a workflow system for managing how you write, edit and revise your book.  Prototyping gives you the space and freedom to create a snapshot of your idea which you can share with others.

              Week Six:

              TEST YOUR BOOK IDEA

                You’ll share your storyboard for feedback from me and your ideal readers. The feedback you receive will help guide you towards refining your plan. Validating your book idea in this way will help you gain confidence and give you firm evidence that your book is something your readers want and need.

                Week Seven:

                REFLECT & REVISE YOUR PLAN

                  Reflecting on your feedback you will refine your book plan so it takes into account any gaps or unmet needs you and your readers may have identified. Using your vision and your ideal reader and similar title research, we’ll create a strategy and plan that provides you with the framework for writing your book, on your terms. With my project planning experience, practical know-how and support, we’ll flesh out your ideas into a plan that you can start implementing straight away.

                  Week Eight:

                  SCHEDULE FOR SUCCESS

                    A plan is meaningless until it’s scheduled to happen! We will devise creative methods to keep your schedule goal-driven yet flexible enough for you to maintain your creativity levels and reach your goal. No more distractions, or sitting at your desk writing aimlessly. It’s time to use the knowledge you’ve gained over 8 weeks to implement new systems and a support network that will help you be productive and focused while you write your book.

                    Every Week, You'll Get the Support You Need, When You Need It

                    Plan Your Book is an 8-week programme for gaining clarity, focus & motivation to write your book

                    Here’s what your 8-week coaching journey includes:

                    8 Weekly 1-Hour Coaching Sessions 

                      • Our one-to-one coaching sessions focus on activities to help you learn the processes involved in planning your book. Using creative exercises, I will walk you through the processes of planning your book step-by-step.   These sessions are are also flexible and bespoke so there is plenty of space to discuss whatever topics you need to discuss.  You'll work during our sessions and have follow-up homework to develop and refine your plan.

                      8 weekly 30-Minute Progress Sessions 

                      • These sessions are devoted to sharing the outcomes from your homework, gaining feedback and asking questions.  You can also discuss any problems you’ve encountered during the process and we can devise ways to overcome them as you continue to move forward with creating your plan.

                      Plan Your Book Workbook & Planner

                      • A comprehensive workbook and planner where you will keep all of your ideas, planning information, writing roadmap and notes in one easy-to-use resource. No more sticky notes, tabs, dairies or apps, just one document with everything you need to write your book. The workbook and planner make it easier to implement your plan because it keeps you organised and motivated.

                      Unlimited Support via Google Chat

                      • You can contact me during office hours using Google Chat so you can ask questions and get answers fast.  This helps you to make decisions and move forward with your planning throughout the programme. You can drop me a quick line, video or share documents to get some immediate feedback or guidance as you work through your plan.  It’s like having me in your pocket, whenever you need me.

                      Personal Resource Library 

                      • You can always access helpful information to feel supported and confident with your plan.  Your resource library includes recordings of our sessions, with a transcripts so you can review whenever you like, and access to all of the resources and worksheets we use during our sessions.  You get access to these resources throughout the 8 weeks we work together and lifetime access afterwards too, so you can work on your own timeline to keep building beyond our one-to-one time together.

                      You'll Also Get...

                      Yes, I Want to Plan My Book!

                      How Does it Work?

                      My Plan Your Book programme starts with a 60-minute video call to discuss your goals as a writer and the type of book you want to write.  To prepare for our first session, I will send you a survey and some preparation materials so you'll come fully prepared and ready to hit the ground running!  

                      I'll send you a personalised schedule planner and help you arrange the remainder of our sessions together.  I'll also give you instructions for managing your appointment times, so you can easily rearrange your sessions if necessary.

                      When you join the programme, you will be sent an email with links to book your first one-to-one session with me and you'll gain immediate access to download your programme workbook, so you can start to Plan Your Book today!

                      Investment: £1200

                      or 3 interest-free monthly payments of £400

                      To pay in instalments, click on the Klarna option to arrange your payments.  Klarna also offers financing options.  If you would like to arrange a Direct Debit to spread the cost over longer than 3 months, please get in touch and I'll send you a Go Cardess link.  To learn more about your payment options, please visit my payment FAQs.

                      Easily Pay in Full or with Instalment Options

                      Meet Your Coach

                      My expertise in creative project planning will help you develop your ideas into a fully comprehensive project plan that makes it easier to write, edit, promote and publish your fiction or nonfiction book.

                      I use design thinking to help you research your book concept, audience and market.  My signature process will help you get to the heart of what you and your readers need. I'll help you leverage the value of your wider life experiences to create compelling stories that people remember. 

                      Ready to Plan Your Book?

                      Now's the time to plan a book you'll love writing and your readers will love to read!  Imagine holding a finished book in your hand that expresses your authentic ideas and stories.  Something that makes you feel proud and brings people joy! 

                      Having a plan can do for you, dear writer.  Say farewell to notes everywhere and ideas swimming around your head by getting a plan in place that makes your dream of writing a book into a reality. 

                      Investment: £1200

                      or 3 interest-free monthly payments of £400

                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      This programme is for any woman thinking of writing a nonfiction book. You might only have a vague idea about a book or maybe you are pretty sure what your book should be about. I often find during the programme that clients have more than one book in mind, and they walk away with a larger plan for publishing. I can help you flesh out those ideas and plan a series of publications. You should also have some writing experience, such as attending a writing workshop, course or regular practice.

                      Yes! Project planning is something writers often neglect. Instead, many opt to dive in a start writing. But when writers hit roadblocks while writing and don't have a plan, they soon end up feeling discouraged and lost and they end up giving up on their goal of writing a book. Giving yourself a full 8 weeks to plan your book is the ideal amount of time. I know writers want to rush off and start writing, but you need time to plan and test your ideas before committing to your writing. Remember you’re not just plotting or outlining your book. In my programme, you’ll also be planning the whole project from start to finish.

                      The investment is £1200.00 (pay in full) or 3 interest-free monthly payments of £400). There are also options for spreading the payment over a longer period of time. Please see the question below regarding payment options for further details. If you have any questions before purchasing, please contact me by clicking on the button below.

                      You can securely pay with a credit card, debit card, PayPal, Apply Pay, Google Pay, and Klarna. I accept payments in British pound sterling, US, Canadian and Australian dollars or Euros. You can pay in full or use Klarna to pay in three interest-free instalments, defer your payment by 30 days or spread the cost over multiple months. If you require longer payment options, I can set up a Direct Debit with GoCardless for interest-free monthly payment.

                      Yes. You can split the cost of your purchase into three interest-free payments using Klarna. If you require longer payment options, I can set up a Direct Debit with GoCardless for interest-free monthly payment. Further finance options are also available through Klarna, but you may be subject to credit checks.

                      When you purchase a Plan Your Book programme, you will be redirected to a Welcome page. There, you will be asked to submit your email and name so you can start receiving programme emails. Your first email will include links to an Author Survey, a Booking Page, and your Programme Materials. The Author Survey explores questions about your book idea and goals to ensure the outcome of our first session is clearly defined. My Booking Page will grant you access to my calendar to book your first session at a convenient date. Please ensure it is no sooner than 24 hours after purchase so I have time to read your survey. The Programme Materials include important preparation exercises that you should complete before our first session. Please note, that if you don’t complete the preparatory exercises, I cannot guarantee that you will achieve the goals you established for our first session. You will receive email reminders before our first session.

                      Absolutely, if you need to on idea generation, then this is the programme for you. I have extensive experience in facilitating collaborative brainstorming sessions where creative thinking and problem-solving will help you devise a book idea you’re excited about writing. The survey you will fill out will also help you refine your ideas by helping you define your readers, The Author Survey you will fill out will also help you refine your ideas, and identify your readers and your wider ambitions as a writer. This is an ideal position from which to generate exciting book ideas!

                      There’s nothing more exciting than having great ideas! But trying to stuff too many ideas into one book isn’t a recipe for success. I can help you clarify and tease out which ideas are suitable for additional books and/or help you plan for a series of books. This type of planning can take place either before, during or after you go through the process of planning your book. I provide one-hour book series strategy sessions as part of the Plan Your Book programme. You can either let me know in the Author Survey I send you once you sign up for the programme or you can decide later. Many authors are not aware that they have ideas for further books until they go through the process of planning their books. I’ll make sure you’re covered either way.

                      Yes, absolutely. You're welcome to email me with any questions you might have about my coaching and editorial services. To email me or book an appointment, please use the link below to contact me. Or, if you prefer, you can book a free 30-minute no-obligation video consultation with me to discuss your needs and ask questions. To make an appointment with me, click the button below and select a date and time that suits you.

                      Would You Rather Chat About It?