Ready to Plan the Book of Your Dreams?

'I do this work because I believe every woman solopreneur deserves to be seen and heard.'

I'll Help You Transform Your Lifelong Dream into Reality

I love working with women writers who are determined to write their books but struggle to get past the planning phase.  As a fellow writer, I know it's challenging to get your ideas or stories out of your head and onto the page.  I do this work because I genuinely believe every woman has a compelling story worth telling. By planning, starting and finishing your book, you’ll create a lasting legacy of your ideas and passion.

I Know What Writing Really Means to You

I know writing your book is more than just about getting published. Getting your story out there is about being heard and seen on your own terms. Intentionally sharing yourself as a writer gives you unparalleled self-esteem, confidence and a sense of achievement.

I know this feeling and I want you to experience the same sense of confidence and self-worth. Writing a book is both difficult and one of the most valuable life experiences you can have. You owe it to yourselves to write and put your stories and ideas into the world. I’m honoured to help you release your book into the world.

I'll Help You Step-by-Step on Your Journey

You're smart, but trying to figure everything out and manage your writing is becoming tiresome.  I know writing feels like a solitary pursuit, but it doesn't have to be that way. Getting support and feedback is essential for developing your best work. Olympic athletes don’t do it all on their own. They have coaches to help them be more productive and overcome unhelpful habits. 

My book coaching and editorial services provide guidance, editorial feedback, and emotional support. I'll help you gain accountability and walk you through the project planning process for writing your book.

How I Can Help You

For over 10 years, I've worked in academia helping academic writers plan their writing projects, structure their ideas, and keep motivated to accomplish their goals. I enjoy creating a supportive and inspiring space where writers can take risks, gain new skills and develop confidence.

I have developed a proven framework for planning your book. My step-by-step process will help you create an overall project plan and roadmap that makes it easier to write and edit your book.  The plan you'll create will help you gain clarity on your book idea, feel connected with your readers and give you the confidence and motivation to write your book. 

How I Make That Happen

My approach focuses on generating innovative ways to meet your personal needs as a writer and the needs of your ideal readers. I’ll help you do this by using design thinking processes and co-active coaching.  By gaining a deep understanding of your readers' needs, you can successfully write more engaging and compelling stories.

Conducting deep-level research helps you gain clarity and focus regarding who your readers are, what they need and what you want to achieve as a writer. Design thinking helps you connect with your readers and create with confidence because it helps you plan a book that you know your readers want to read. But it’s not just about writing to market, it’s about understanding why writing matters to you. My approach helps you find the balance between the two realities of what you want and what your needs need.

I use a co-active coaching framework to help you discover your self-awareness and choices. We will have discussions about your ideas and actions towards feeling fulfilled, balanced and aware of what’s happening in the present moment.

My approach to coaching focuses on cultivating curiosity about your mindsets, values, and purpose. Throughout our sessions, you will explore what brings you pleasure/discomfort to determine personal growth opportunities. We will also explore your limited beliefs, comfort zones, and creative blind spots.

About Me & What I'm About

I grew up in Michigan in the United States.  Yes, I still have an American accent, even after living in the UK for nearly 25 years! As a teenager, I was fascinated by art. I made art, read books about artists, wrote about art and loved visiting museums. To me, the idea that you could learn about how creativity happens and why some people are more creative than others, blew my mind!  

I loved this idea so much, I followed my passion all the way to the University of Oxford, where I completed my master's and doctorate in the History of Art. My thesis examined how artists fostered creativity through the materials they collected. I specifically explored the art collections and libraries owned by artists working in eighteenth-century London.

Inspired by Design Thinking

While working on my postdoctoral project at Oxford, I discovered design thinking. I was captivated by the outcomes of a group brainstorming session facilitated at the BBC. I decided right then and there, that design thinking was for me! It was like a conjuring act. People walked out completely transformed and ready to take action.

This encounter would prove to be valuable as I took a position as a Researcher Developer at the University of Liverpool. As director of the postgraduate development programme, I designed workshops, writing retreats and coaching interventions for academic writers.

My Mission to Help Writers

While I deeply enjoyed my own experience of writing a doctoral thesis, I soon discovered that not everyone had the same experience. 

New writers often felt overwhelmed by the idea of writing 100,000 words. They got lost in the planning process or had no project plan in place to give them the direction they needed.  They struggled to balance their writing with their other commitments and prioritise their well-being.

I made it my mission to help these writers keep motivated and engaged with their writing projects. I used my expertise in creativity processes and coaching to design workshops on project planning, storytelling, problem-solving, making an impact, creating a vision, setting goals, getting unstuck, gaining confidence and building a professional platform.

My Professional Development 

My passion for helping writers led me to develop new mindsets and skills. I gained certifications in Lego® Serious Play® and Design Thinking at IDEO U. I also embraced the design process used by Charles and Ray Eames.

My training taught me playful, purposeful, and effective ways of harnessing creativity to plan projects. and generate innovative approaches to solve problems faced by writers. I also learned how I could best help those who loved writing, but felt stuck or burned out.

My Own Calling to Write

By adopting these new mindsets, my own creativity was ignited. I felt like the work I was meant to be doing was calling to me. And so, I took the plunge and left academia to pursue my own writing journey. 

Thanks to the generous support of the Liverpool-based arts organisation Writing on the Wall, I was able to publish my poetry under two titles, Ghost Bones and Facing the Fire. My writing mentors, Joelle Taylor and Amina Atiq supported my development and taught me to take my writing seriously. During this time, I was able to experiment and work with an amazing group of women writers.

My Book Coaching Mission 

I soon noticed that women writers had a lot in common with academic writers. Both avoid writing and promoting their work due to deep-rooted self-doubt. Both work largely alone, but often overwork themselves to the point of burnout. 

They both find project planning overwhelming, which results in them getting stuck. They both also struggle to balance their time and work & family commitments and talk about the value of what they were doing.

So in 2020, I decided to use my experience in project planning and my skills as a coach to help women writers release their books into the world. 

My mission is to provide creative strategies for overcoming obstacles associated with planning, writing and editing your book. I want to help you raise your voice, leave a legacy and claim your rightful place on the stage.

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